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For as long as I’ve been wearing makeup, disposable beauty sponges were on my buying list at the pharmacy. I’ve always worn a liquid foundation and found that the foam wedge works the best for blending it into my skin. I was able to get a lot more seamless effect than when I used my fingers and was left with streaks that never seems to go away. While a large pack of throwaway sponges is inexpensive, the cost rapidly mounts up when you realize that they’re only meant to be used onceā€”if anyone attempts to wash them, makeup sponge they’ll crumble, and it’s critical to clean personal makeup tools regularly to avoid infection and outbreaks.

What distinguishes it?
This beauty blender is indeed an oval-shaped, amazingly sponge applicator with a unique shape that fits one’s face’s features. “Unlike the other sponge on the marketplace, it’s entirely elliptical,” explains Rea Ann Silva, founder of the beauty blender. “Every part of something like the sponge could be utilized to apply or blend makeup perfectly.” “The large base is ideal for basic complexion products, while the tip mixes seamlessly into difficult-to-reach regions such around the nose.” However, because the beauty blender can be used for up to 3 months with regular maintenance and cleaning, you’ll save money in the long run. The calculation works out to be roughly $5 for a package of 32 throwaway sponges that will last about a month. Beyond the expense of the device itself, I’ve discovered that the amount of makeup I use has decreased since switching to the beauty blender. Because I have cystic acne every month, I’m addicted to Make Up Forever’s high-coverage foundation. Little makeup goes a very long way with the beauty blender. Because a sponge’s main role is to absorb, makeup spongedisposable sponges gobble up a lot of product, but the beauty blender’s unusual usage instructions.